Monday, October 29, 2012

Antique sewing cabinet Redo

Good Monday Morning my Beauties!
I hope you are having a great day so far.
(we are still sulking from the Tigers loosing the world series...but C'est la vie!!

I wanted to show you this cute little cabinet that I had painted about a month
ago. I had got it from a girlfriend who was cleaning out her grandparents house.
Her brother had wanted to just throw all this stuff in the dumpster but she
knew I would want it! (thanks Renee)
I am pretty sure this is a little sewing cabinet..It kind of looks like those little
humidors too but doesn't have any kind of lining inside it.
So for the sake of this post I am calling it a sewing cabinet! :)

The first thing I did was fill the handle whole because over the years it had become
very loose. This way I could put the cute little knob back in and have it
be nice and secure.

Then I lightly sanded the whole thing down.

and here is where the fun began! I mixed up a custom color again (I swear I feel like
a little kid when I start mixing colors, I just start playing until I get what I want)
I slapped on the first coat in one direction and when that was dry I slapped on
another coat in the opposite direction so that when it was
dry and I waxed it the wax would catch all the different brush strokes!

and it did! I waxed it and lightly distressed it and love how all the little details just pop!

So something that was gonna go in the trash was saved to see another day.

Now I think its too cute for anyone to even THINK of throwing her out!
Have a BEAUTIFUL day my friends!

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