Friday, November 2, 2012

Roadside Rescue Red Buffet REVEAL!

Good Morning my BEAUTIES!  I had not planned on showing this reveal
this week as its been NUTS and with Halloween and being sick.
Things were just getting pushed on the back burner. BUT, I got a call yesterday
that it already SOLD  (eeeek)
SO I figured I might as well show you! :)

If you remember about a month ago, I got to go out to Lunch with a couple of my girlfriends.
On our way there I spotted a rescue on the side of a very busy DOWNTOWN street.
I had to do the "stop short" on my friend Katie to keep her from smacking her head on the dash.
But her and Danielle were great! They even helped me load the sucker in the back of my van
while Danielle sat squished.
 I of course attributed the score to my Lucky Shoes which you could see I was wearing in the picture..
The girls of course say they were the good luck...:)  I say both!

So here she is sitting in the garage, It had skater stickers and skull stickers all over it but other than
that it was in great shape; except than it weighed a bazillion pounds...

Now here is where I had my ah-ha moment..I was trying to figure out what color to paint it and
everyone was giving me great ideas, but all of the sudden the piece just seemed so ORIENTAL to me; and to me ORIENTAL is RED!
So I got out my CeCe Caldwells Traverse City Cherry and started painting.
When it was dry I did a clear wax and then a light aging wax.

I love how this old Basset Buffet that was left on the side of the road is
now sitting in someones house as a place of honor.

I wish I could find more of these rescue pieces  (even though my husband doesn't..:))


Thanks for following me along on another RESCUE MISSION!
I hope you enjoyed it.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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