Monday, December 10, 2012

Image transfer to wood using Iron on Paper

Good Monday Morning my Beauties! I hope you
all had a wonderful weekend.
We were very busy catching up from everyone being sick,
and lots of things on the schedule but I still managed to EEK out a little project I have been wanting to try. Now Its far from perfect since it was my first time EVER trying this method
but I am happy to say that I think I will try this again.

Here is what I started with. I had pulled this out of our neighbors trash with a
couple of other things. Its just an old Silverware holder.
You know can't just throw something like that away..:)

So I slapped some of my CeCe Caldwells vintage white on it. I did it very
thin and sloppy since I wanted it to LOOK vintage.
Then I went to the graphics fairy and using T-shirt transfer paper I printed
of a Christmas Image of Mary and Baby Jesus.

Now here is why it isn't perfect. See the STEAM coming off of the iron..Yeah..not suppose to do that when using iron on paper...But my hubby being the good doobie that he is, had Ironed his shirts last week. He left it on steam...I turned it on and started without checking that.
So what it did was wrinkle the paper and give it a VERY vintage look. But honestly...
I just IRONED on an image to wood!!!!! Way easier than wax paper transfer and I think
it would have turned out even better had I not had the steam.

So while its not perfect I am pretty stoked that I just ironed it took about 4 minutes once the iron was hot...My mind is racing with things I can do this on!!!
I hope you enjoyed this little Monday Morning tutorial and learn from my mistake..
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!.
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