Monday, December 17, 2012

Store display Wine Cart Makeover!

Good Morning my Beauties! I am having difficulty with this
post after the tragic weekend our nation has experienced.
So I will keep it it short and sweet.

This was a store wine display that I had picked up at
Goodwill for $5.
It sat in my garage for a while and I just happened to finally get around to it this past week.

I had made this stencil for an old box a while back and I decided to use it on the wine cart.
I had thought about painting it and distressing it and instead decided to leave it in its
Rustic Wine Crate feeling state. I stenciled the removable tray
and sanded off the old display name on the side and used part of the stencil to do the sides.

It sold the first day I brought it into the shop. I found out the guy that bought it,
is going to use it as a TV stand. At first I was kinda miffed that he was going to cover up the tray part, but then I thought...What a pretty cool way to display a T.V. 

Now on a personal note, I will also keep this short and sweet. I read a great article from The Idea Room 
She is more articulate than I and so I will let you read it if you want to.
The day the shootings happened all I kept doing was playing "what the world needs now is Love sweet Love" It calmed me, it calmed my heart. All I keep thinking is "With everything that we can do, the Biggest SMALL thing that we can do is LOVE"...its really that simple.
Go out and spread LOVE!
Please have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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