Thursday, February 14, 2013

Grandmother Clock Reveal (again) with Living room reveal

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WooooHEEE doggie....She is done!
I have been stringing you guys along for a couple days now and I am finally (thank you sunshine, that only lasted 20 minutes) able to show you the reveal.
Now as you remember this is how I had redone my Granny Clock last time..

I was going for that FUNKY FRESH feel.. You can see that whole Makeover from the beginning
Now I was looking for something a little more ELEGANT...Granny had her fun with her makeover, but now she was ready to settle down. :)

I stated off with giving her a good coat of CeCe Caldwells Paint.
I mixed my Michigan Pine with some California Gold to give it a lighter Hue.
I took her back off and gave her a simple stencil in the gold paint that I use to mix with the

I sprayed the pendulum and handles back to a gold color (I had previously sprayed them with looking glass spray)

I love how after she was waxed and buffed..the little bit of fun and Funky Granny still pokes out here and there..That's how I wanna be when I'm a granny...a bit of fun and funky!

Now I will show you the WHOLE reason for the redo...You see that chair there in the corner..
I acquired it this weekend..I got the Carl Forslund Sleepy Hollow chair and Ottoman
for 10 BUCKs...I had planned on selling it when I bought it...We have a huge following here
for Sleepy Hollow Chairs..since..I live near Grand Rapids Michigan...A.K.A...Furniture City.
Carl Forslund made these Chairs here...
I prefer to call them "hand of God" chairs..because as anyone who has ever sat in one can tell you..
it feels like God is cradling you in his hand...:)
But I digress.....Like I said..Planned on selling and making a quick buck..but as you saw from the pictures on Facebook this weekend...NOT gonna happen...Each child sat in the chair and SWORE they would never get out and there was NO WAY we were selling it...

I had to redo my entire living room..around this chair!
Now this is where you will see I am NOT like the big time bloggers..
I CAN'T do the colors that are in TREND..You see, right now everything
is neutral with a pop of light gray/blue or a pop here and there...
NOT ME...NOPE..Gotta have color..ALL THE TIME!
I can't live without it..(its the artist in me)
I went to stencil my booth floor and needed WHITE paint..
I had NONE...Nothing...NADA.....ZIP...
Not a can of white paint to be found in my house...anywhere..
and it made me incredibly happy..(yet annoyed that I had to go to the store for a quart of DING DANG white paint)...:) I was saying...This little old chair...required that I......., change the curtains...cause the other ones were orange as well, but a different value of orange and it CLASHED... I had to change my pillows...
but luckily I had just taken the 4 green pillows out when I redid my bedroom and they matched the curtains perfectly....

and Granny had to be painted, because as you can see...Her Funky Fresh BLUE...would have stuck out like a soar thumb....

Who knew that by me just "poppin in real quick to GOODWILL"
would have turned in to all this...
(who you kidding...anyone that knows me knows thats how I roll)
I hope you enjoyed it and hope you see how much I love COLOR!

I had an epiphany last night while I was laying in bed...I finally figured out why I NEED color...
You see..I live in Michigan..we have Gorgeous Spring, Summer and Autumns.. You have seen pictures..but for 4 months out of the year I live in a WHITE CAGE..snow..(plus we get very little sun in the winter..its why we make such a big deal when we see it)
I am a very active person...I need to move..I need to be able to create...and being SNOWED in
makes me feel like a caged animal..pacing and waiting to be released.
In my houseful of color..all I need to do is close the curtains and I will be surrounded by my Colors
of Spring, Summer, and Autumn.
It relaxes me and calms my soul....
Makes sense to me...:)
Have a BEAUTIFUL day.
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