Friday, August 22, 2014

Rescued Federal style Buffet Turned Bar

Good Morning!!
I am in the process of getting 4 kids ready for back to school and 
everything that entails. So I will be hitting replay for you guys today on this
old post. Come see the rescue I did on this old Buffet......

Well Hello my BEAUTIES!!
Did you miss me??
Sorry to stay away but I am sure you understand
the crazy that is 4 kids and sports and school and
pretty much everything needing to be done at ONE time...:)

One of the things I managed to get done just YESTERDAY was THIS!

My Uncle called me on Sunday and said his
Neighbor was cleaning out his basement
and one of the things he had was this Federal Style Buffet.

He asked me if I wanted it.????  WELL YEAH! favorite 4 letter F word!!
My hubby and I went over and picked it up and
a table and chair set...It was funny because as we were picking up the buffet
pieces were popping off of it..and they were worried...I said "I have saved worse than this"  :)

Well, you know impatient little ol' me is......I couldn't stand to let this BEAUTY sit..
So as soon as i dropped the kiddos off at school, I pulled out my belt sander and took the
old beat up gouged finish of the top.

I stained it a dark walnut and after fixing all the pieces the had fallen off
and actually having to cut a new piece of wood all together for one of the front legs
I was able to start painting. I mixed up a custom color I like to call garden gate.

Well right as I was finishing waxing and buffing the piece my hubby came home..
His first words were "can we keep it"..??? :)
I had been thinking the same thing, but trying to figure out where in the
world we were gonna put this baby..

Well we finally decided on our basement.
Whenever we have people over for a football game or party
we always line up card tables for food and drink..

well now I got myself a nifty new bar/buffet.
The color goes perfect with our basement and
my still life oil painting. (it was one of my very first oil paintings and took me 2 weeks to do...I got sick in between coats...:))

I am so happy with this piece and the fact that it cost me nothing.
An added bonus was that I got to sit on the porch and visit with my Aunt and Uncle that I rarely get
to see when I went to pick up the furniture.  I also had an epiphany while I was rubbing on the stain on the top.
My Grandpa used to be a RUBBER...meaning he used to work for one of our Furniture factories here in Grand Rapids and that was his job. He rubbed stain on the furniture.. It hit me all of the sudden as I was rubbing on the stain
that he used to do the same thing...I never got to meet the man, but it was a nice little moment
while working on this piece..
 I hope you like the piece as much as I do,
and I promise to try to not go so long in between posts....(I might have my fingers crossed....You will never know..:))
Have a BEAUTIFUL day and thanks for stopping by!
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