Wednesday, November 12, 2014

French Chicken/Rooster Pallet Art

***** REPOST****
I am working in my garage like crazy on some Christmas Pallet projects,
so I thought I would res share some quick and easy pallet art that you can do.
Who knows, maybe you could even make a gift this upcoming
season for one of your loved ones!
I will be freezing my butt off in the garage :)

Well Hello my BEAUTIES...
I have decided to "EMBRACE" my "crazy chicken lady"
personality with this post.
I don't know what it is about the feathered creature that I just love for a kitchen;
maybe its from my French heritage, or the fact that when I put my hands on my hips and yell at
my kids I look like a pecking chicken..LOL..
But for some reason they have a place in my heart/kitchen...:)

I have long held to the standard that I only allow 5 chicken/rooster pieces in my kitchen at one time..
but I have fought for too long...and the chicken has won...(there is just too much vintage chicken stuff)
So for my wall I decided to make myself some wall decoration...What's ONE MORE CHICKEN...???
I went out to my pallet wood pile...(you know that lovely stash that my husband hates...that "I NEED THAT" pile, that he so YEARNS to BURN)

Yeah..that pile...and I screwed some boards together to create my base.
I slapped on a thin wash of blue and white paint to give it that old barn wood look.

I then went to my silhouette and cut out my chicken and the French word "le Coq"

I transferred the pieces to my boards and painted them in with some CeCe Caldwells
Vintage white.

When it was all said and done, I gave it a coat of wax and buffed it.

It now hangs on the wall keeping watch over all the other poultry in my kitchen..
I hope you enjoyed this quick and fun tutorial!
Have a BAWK-iful...I mean BEAUTIFUL day~!

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