Friday, November 14, 2014

From Blonde to Brunette! French Blue Dresser Makeover

Hello again my BEAUTIES!!
Its Makeover day here again
and I have to tell you...
This one ....Yeah, THIS ONE...almost did me in...:)

You see, THIS is what I started with...a really BEAUTY you can see.
She sat for quite some time in the garage.
She was a rescue and with many of the rescues I have to wait to be inspired...
OR................. I need to fill space at my booth and be FORCED
to finish certain projects..
BOTH of those were the case here.
I didn't even know where to begin.

The reason I called this a BLONDE to BRUNETTE makeover
is because ORIGINALLY she was a piece of BLONDE furniture.
The kind my Mom and my hubby's Grandma had.
After 2 layers of stripper, I had finally gotten through some of the years of oil paint that
had been built up on this dresser to cover her blonde roots. :)
It was not fun, and even after the 2 layers of stripper, it still wasn't coming all the way off.

It was time for the BIG GUNS!!!
It took just a bit of elbow grease and I will admit...BOOB SWEAT..

FINALLY!! We were getting somewhere.
I could finally start the fun stuff.

 First I used a nice provincial stain  (making her now into a lovely BRUNETTE) to stain the top and some poly to seal it.
All the time that was drying I could finally get to the base.

I was having a hard time deciding on color but finally chose Maison Blanche FRENCH BLUE.
Maison Blanche is easy to use because it requires no prep! You don't have to use primer, you don't have to sand. Plus, it's a chalk based paint so it'll stick to almost anything.
and in this case the less prep I had to do....THE BETTER!! :)

I was already thrilled with the difference it made!
I couldn't believe it.

For the finish, I wanted to go as simple as possible and you really
can't get much simpler than Maison Blanches Satin Varnish.

Maison Blanche Paint Company’s Satin Varnishes are water-based Varnishes that dry to a durable finish and are ideal for furniture finishing. Their Satin and Matte Varnishes are specially formulated to finish surfaces painted with Maison Blanche Paints, Translucide Furniture Glaze, latex, and water based paints. When fully cured, Satin and Matte Varnishes act as a barrier against dirt and allows stains to be removed with soap and water.

YUP....can't get much EASIER than that..
I just brushed on 2 coats and when she was all dry and cured she was ready for her closeup.

If you want FULL video tutorials on any Maison Blanche products 
don't forget she has a YOUTUBE channel all set up with handy dandy how to videos.

I still can't believe the difference, can you?

This once beat up abandoned piece of furniture

Is now enjoying a new found lease on life in one of my customers homes.

It just took a little effort and some great paint and
she was completely transformed.

I hope you guys enjoyed this latest 
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"I received product and/or compensation for reviewing Maison Blanche Paint Company products. All opinions are genuine."