Monday, November 17, 2014

Use what you have Pallet wood Santa Art.

Hello my Beauties!
I have a fun little Christmas Craft for you today.
As I am sure you know,
I tend to collect lots and lots of wood scraps.
You never know when you are gonna need a good piece of wood for 
Why I once picked up a bookcase out of the trash and dismantled it to
build a back for another piece of furniture.
You can see that HERE
They are just bits and scraps..
and you start to wonder 
if you should just let the hubby burn them in the fire pit.
Then inspiration hits....(SORRY HUBBY)

Here were the scraps I had..I piece of pallet old piece of stripping left over from 
another project and a small piece of pine left over from another project.
Now I could have made a sign or something out of the pine, but I wasn't feeling it.
Ya Know what I mean VERN....:)  (sorry little flash back there) LOL
and then it hit me.
Now I wanted this to be rustic since it was scrap wood
and my no means was going for perfection.
So I just quickly painted my board with a red craft paint.
Once that was painted I measured my other boards and cut them to the side I needed 
for Santa's belt and coat front.
I screwed my pallet wood on and then painted.
But for the coat front I wanted to give it a little something EXTRA.

Before my Mom left for Florida she gave me a bunch of old hardware she had laying around her condo that she had never used.
She is like me. She saw them on clearance and thought..I should buy these in case I need them.
She didn't but gave them to me...:)  I didn't know what I was going to do with them
until now.
I drilled holes for the BUTTONS on Santa's coat and counter sunk the knobs to make them look like buttons.
Screwing them in from the back just like you would a drawer knob.
Once those were in I just painted on the black belt and painted a gold buckle on his belt.
 and there you have. A super simple..
Use what you have,
Scrap wood and pallet wood Santa Art.

Nothing crazy but fun non the less.
It was a nice break from the usual stuff 
and hubby although mad about not getting to burn the wood
is happy to see my stash get a little bit smaller!
I hope you enjoyed this fun little craft!
It might be a fun little SNOW day activity for you and your kiddos too.
So many things you could do..Mrs. Clause...and Elf....You name it..
If the SCRAP WOOD is endless then so are the Possibilities!
Make sure you come back tonight too,
for our TWIRL and TAKE A BOW link party.
To show what YOU have been working on .
Until then.
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL!