Monday, June 17, 2013

French "EAU DE LAVANDE" Coffee Table Makeover

Hello my BEAUTIES! I hope you all had a wonderful
weekend! I know I did.

As I type this I am sitting at a coffee shop..We had a middle of the night storm Saturday night
into Sunday Morning and had a huge lightning strike (which sounded like it was splitting the house in two) that blew our router/modem on our computer. As you read this..I have no access to the Internet..:(
Hopefully they will have it fixed in no time..:)

I did however, before the storm get a fun project done.
I have had this coffee table sitting in my garage since last summer.

It was quite beat up but had great bones and I was waiting for inspiration to strike..(kinda like the lightning..LOL)

Well, Inspiration came in the form of some fun new AMERICAN PAINT COMPANY
coral paint and a new stencil.

As soon as I got the two, I knew exactly what piece I wanted to use them on.
I painted the legs and base with the AMERICAN PAINT COMPANY coral reef
and the top with CECE Caldwells Virginia Chestnut with some of the coral pulled through
while it was still wet.

Once it was all dry, I used my new "EAU DE LAVANDE" stencil from Maison De Stencils.
She had a flash sale last week for 40% off and I HAD to have this one!!!
I used my vintage white CeCe's paint to put on the stencil and when it was all dry I used my wax all over it. Once that had cured, I buffed the heck out of it to an old world finish!

I love how all the colors and textures come through and give it that vintage
French feel.

I hope you enjoyed this makeover and fingers crossed that I will have Internet sometime tomorrow afternoon so I can share this with everyone. 
Feel free to share, until I can...:) 

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!!

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