Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quick and Easy Chair and Dumpster dive table MAKEOVER!

Well hello again, my Beauties.
I hope you are having a BEAUTIFUL week so far.
We have been trying to adjust to our SUMMER SCHEDULE
which is actually WAY more scheduled than I normally like..:)
I have a teenager who is not only in drivers training, but also
has a baby sitting job 2 days a week...
I remember thinking things would slow down as the kids went from toddlers to pre teens...
But I digress....On with the Makeover!

To be honest I did this project MONTHS ago..but being so busy;
Just got around to posting about them. The pictures are not the greatest as
with many of the pieces I finished at this time..we were in the middle of our
100 year flood and finding days to stage them outside were few and far between..
So bear with me..
I picked up the chairs at Goodwill. I loved the lines of them..even though they were pretty scratched and beat up..

PLUS I had been HOARDING this fabric I picked up at Goodwill too.
I had saved it just WAITING for the perfect thing..and this was it!

Next was this table that I pulled out of my neighbors trash..I swear...I owe her dearly
as I have made some nice walkin around money with the stuff she throws out..:)

I got to painting..I gave the chairs a couple coats of CeCe Caldwells
Omaha Ochre..its one of my favorite neutrals....
Its not to yellow, but not too white..

on the know my FAVE...CECE's SMOKEY MOUNTAIN.

After recovering the chairs seats, I added a nice one of a kind stencil I had made myself to the top of the table to bring out  the red from the chairs.

They made a cute fun little set don't you think.
and it actually was a quick and easy makeover!

I hope you enjoyed!
And wish me daughter has her second "on the road" driving day tomorrow..
I am always a bundle of nerves when she goes out. :)
Have a BEAUTIFUL day..I will try...while I am biting my nails..waiting for darling daughter to get home....:)
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