Monday, June 24, 2013

Vintage French PATISSERIE tray with Freezer Paper Transfer

Well Hello again my BEAUTIES...this
post comes to you today by the skin of my teeth..LOL
It is 10:30 pm and I just finished photographing editing and posting this, LOL
After a full weekend of camping and celebrating my 13 year olds birthday,
and coming home to babysit for my sisters 3 kids; lets just been hectic.
FUN, but HECTIC...:)

I have had this tray sitting along with many other small pieces in my garage.
It needed to be done and I needed smalls for my booth..
so in the midst of all the crazy here, I decided NOW was the time.

In the middle of cleaning out the camper I slapped on a coat of
CeCe Caldwells Vintage white...while it was drying
I went back to tending my chores...
I then waxed the tray and let that dry and buffed it.
I did that while throwing pizza at the crazy children who wanted food and were staying for a sleepover at MY HOUSE..:)
 I told my kids, I felt like the WALTON'S .....had the WALTON's been able to
pick up hot and ready Pizza's...LOL  (by the way..they had NO IDEA who the WALTON's were..)

Once the tray was dry and ready I went to my computer
and printed off a new graphic from THE GRAPHICS FAIRY!
I used my FREEZER PAPER transfer method which you can see HERE

I used the back of a spoon to transfer on my reverse graphic off of my freezer paper.

And there you have it...

a boring old tray, turned into a vintage PATISSERIE tray...with a little paint and
some freezer paper!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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The Graphics Fairy