Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Sisters Buffet Makeover and a little fun for the family

Well hello again my BEAUTIES!
I bet you thought I would never get around to showing you what I was SOOOO busy with the last couple of weeks. But I finally buckled down and
wrote the post.
This is my sisters buffet that I helped her makeover.
She had seen the one I had done for myself and wanted the
same color on hers. Her buffet was passed down from my mother.
You can see mine HERE

Well my sister lives almost 2 hours away and she also had a dining table she wanted help with so
we knew it was going to be a big job and take a few days..Since she had a pool and access to lots of things for the kids, we decided to hitched up our travel  trailer and camp out on her property
so the kids and the hubby could play..and I could WORK

This is what we started with...My Mom and her first hubby had redone this buffet before
he died. It has been this off white with gold gilding for as long as I can remember.
My sister has had it for years and one day while moving stuff around she picked something off the top of it and after years and years of wear this HUGE chunk of paint just popped off.
Well we couldn't have that and from this little boo sister knew she wanted the top to be a dark wood finish..So we had to get to work.

we mixed up a custom paint that we thought would go well with her decor
and hauled it outside.

This is where we brought out the big guns. The BELT SANDER.....

and MY MOTHER!!!  We figured...she had helped redo it all those years ago..
why not have her be a part of it now...I just love the smile on her face.
Its nice to see here enjoy the same things I do.

Here it is with the top sanded and ready to be painted.

It was a hot day and the paint dried very quickly so we could get our coats on fairly quick.

My mom even had time to play....while we worked..(my nephew took her for a spin)

Here is is with the first coat of paint on waiting to dry and get the stain and poly on the

while I finished all the above things on the buffet and started on the dining table
my sister gave my kids an art lesson in her studio.
My sister is a fine artist with a Huge love of painting animals. I am in
awe of the detail she can get. I think she did a pretty dang good job teaching the kids
don't you?
You can see her website HERE...CATHERINE TONNING-POPOWICH artist
The kids had a riot and even played "art school" once we got home...:)

and while the kids painted...I finished the buffet. Here is my sister and I with her once again
renewed buffet.
So like our red hair, love of art, big feet..LOL and love of similar color schemes..
I now add to our similar taste...... buffet colors..:)
I can't wait to show you 
The dining table we did to match too...but  that is for another day...
I hope you enjoyed this makeover, as much as I enjoyed the time with
my family refinishing a  family heirloom.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day.

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