Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"whiskey in a Tea Cup" vinyl on window

"she's whiskey in a tea cup" vinyl recycled window home decor DIY before and after
Good Morning my Beauties! Sorry to leave you hanging for so long with
no post. The summer days just seem to slip through my fingers.
I left Saturday for my sisters a couple hours away for a fundraiser for
my nephew, that we lost this spring and while I was there
we worked on some furniture pieces of hers that
had been handed down to her from my Mom.  So posting
and blogging kind of slipped away for a few days.

I will be editing like crazy tomorrow so I can show you one of the pieces we did, but for now I
will show you something I was able to knock out RIGHT BEFORE..(like minutes) before we walked out the door on Saturday.

My girlfriend Shelly from Shizzle designs awarded me some
of these awesome marine windows she had laying around for running an errand for her..:)
I knew I wanted to put some vinyls on them and just the day before I had seen a quote that
fit my personality pretty well and it stuck in my head.
So I got out my silhouette and created my vinyl using different fonts
for each of the words.
"she's whiskey in a teacup" vinyl recycled window home decor DIY before and after
and here you have it...
"She's Whiskey in a Tea cup"
It is originally a lyric by Tom Waits. I love it because of the meaning. A woman can be lady like and feminine and may be considered weak, but inside she is strong.
I hope you enjoyed it!  
If I could ask you a favor..I told you before I was entered in a contest and its nearing the end of the first round of voting.
If you could CLICK on the LINK below and just LIKE my French Armoire that would

 On the Town Makeover Challenge
It would mean the world to me!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day! 

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