Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rescued Table and Chairs Turned Vintage Farmhouse Milk and Cream Table

Since its Thursday Today I thought I would do a little
THROWBACK Thursday post.

So I am Reposting one of my Favorite posts from while back
as a Throwback!
Good Morning my Beauties!!!
Did you all have a good weekend?????
We had a very very busy weekend.
Remember me telling you its been the slow season at the booth?
Well that all changed in a weekend. I have had to bring furniture to my booth 3 days in a row..
and I am NOT complaining...but it meant I needed to get cracking on some more furniture..

I picked up this table and chair set on mega clearance at Goodwill..
$15 bucks for the set basically before it went to the furniture recyclers..AKA..
the wood chipper...

You can see why...BUT my heart knew it could be saved...I thought of all the other
furniture that ends up in the dump or wasted and I knew it was time to pull up my big girl panties
and prepare for some FAIRY GODMOTHER MAGIC!!
On the bonus side..I couldn't really make it look WORSE!!! :)

You can't even tell from the back HOW bad the top was, but once I started to sand
it really shows you how bad the wood...and I use the word WOOD in the loosest term possible when
referring this table top as wood.
Where the spots are is where all the RAISED spots were.I needed to bring it to a level area.

Once I got it a smooth as possible I decided that this table top was gonna need some sort of
graphic or something on the top. So I painted it with some
CE CE Caldwells Vintage white...and I painted the legs with
Beckly coal.

For the chairs I went all MAD SCIENTIST and just mixed a bunch of blues and creams I had to get
this smokey pale blue color. I wanted the table black and white, but you know I need color and
I knew making the chairs a different color would really  make it POP!
(Mind you this is after all the wood filler and sanding I had to do to cover up
what ever animal ate this table and chairs!)

This is where my Epiphany hit...
In the moment of trying to save this table and make it beautiful again, I knew I instantly wanted it to have a vintage feel...and I had just done that vintage MILK AND CREME window..
You can see that HERE
well how much cooler would that look in a larger size on a table???
I had to find out.
So I used my silhouette to cut it out again, this time on a much larger scale.
I painted it in with black paint and when
everything was dry I distressed it and Poly'd the top!!
Oh and I had to show the chairs a little lovin, so I added numbers to them too..:)
And there you have it...What once was almost in the garbage and beaten up and


Now has a second chance...And honestly....If I didn't need a table for 6..
This SOOOOO would have been MINE!!!!  LOL!!

Thank you so much
and have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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