Thursday, August 22, 2013

Extensole table and Roadside Rescue chairs Makeover

Good Morning my Beauties!
I hope the week finds you well!
As is the usual here, we are going crazy trying to get ready for back to school, and
recovering from our trip to Ireland.
Luckily I had completed a bunch of projects this summer and taken pictures, but had not had the chance to post on I have stuff to share with you even when I am rushing around
like a chicken with its head cut off...:)

this is a set I sold a couple months ago. I bought the EXTENSOLE table made locally;
 for $20 at an estate sale on half off day.

The chairs you will remember were a roadside rescue..4 of them for FREE..
sitting on the side of the road while we were camping this summer.

the fabric, I got when we were camping too, at the local garage sales. Its a vintage mattress ticking and I talked the lady down to $1 because there was a stain on the fabric. So
you have the Numbers...$21 was spent on this whole set.

I wanted to CHIC up the set, so I mixed up a custom blue to match the fabric. I painted the base of the table with it.  I also sanded the top of the table and poly'ed it to give it a nicer finish.

I took the seats off the chairs..and painted them in a vintage white.

and recovered the seats with the vintage fabric.

You can see here the finished product and the table un extended. I had never seen one of these before  and knew it would be perfect for a small home or dorm room.

what a difference a little paint and fabric made on these chairs.

Now if I could only find more of this fabric for $1.
I just loved it.

Not bad for $21.
I hope you enjoyed this makeover,
and I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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