Monday, August 19, 2013

old cutting board turned Vintage Advertisement Chalkboard

Good Morning my BEAUTIES! I'MMMMMMM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you miss me while I was gone??
I missed you guys! It felt good to have a break and
it was very very hard to Leave Ireland but I missed my kids..:)
We called one time and just told my In-laws to send them to us..:)
But anywhoooo.....back home and back to work!

I figured I would start small with projects when I got home to just ease into
the normal routine. I picked up a couple of these vintage cutting boards at Goodwill
when we got home, and had no Idea what I would do with them. Then
as I was browsing Facebook, I saw Graphics Fairy put up one of her new graphics.
A vintage Advertising graphic. It would go PERFECT on this cutting board

So I printed off the image and then taped off a spot on the cutting board for the

I used my Valspar chalkboard paint to paint in the square.
when that was dry, I glued down the image and used modge podge to seal the image.

and here it is...All finished..It was like they were made for each other. the perfect little cutting board chalkboard.
I hope you enjoyed this little project while I ease back into things.
If you all want I might put up a post on some Ireland pictures.
I know other bloggers have had issues with putting up travel pics because people said
they were bragging, but that is the last thing I want to do.
So its up to you guys. I just thought, I know I enjoy seeing places that I have never been before
and thought you guys might too. So just let me know yes or no and its up to you! :)
Thank you and have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!~
Missed you guys~!
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