Monday, August 5, 2013

In Honor of Ireland Emerald Isle Parlor table Makeover

Guess what my Beauties?
Its Monday Morning and I have spent the last week running around like
a maniac painting furniture..Stuffing my booths
and trying to get all my ducks in a row for our Trip.
So Since I have not had time to edit pictures, or write up posts of
all the projects I have been working on, I thought I would
show you an old post.
Its my Emerald Isle Parlor Table makeover.
In HONOR of us leaving for Ireland for our 20th wedding anniversary on Tuesday.
I am so excited yet nervous at the same time.
We have not left the country since you could use Birth Certificates instead
of Passports..What does that tell ya? LOL
So while I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying
to get ready to leave I will let you relax and check out this old Makeover.

Top of the Morning to you my Beauties~!
I am feeling a bit Irish this morning thanks
to the new CeCe Caldwells Paint color
Emerald Isle.
I can't tell you how excited I was about this color
Ask Shelley over at SHIZZLE LLC where I get my paints.
I pretty much was waiting on her door step for it to come in.
When I say that I am NOT exaggerating..:

This is why I have been so excited. I have had this table WAITING.
I knew I wanted some POP of color and once I heard this color was coming out..
I saved it, just for it.

I quickly slapped on 2 thin coats of the emerald Isle. While that was drying I didn't feel like sanding the top or painting it. It was in OK, not great condition. So guess what I did?
I used my dark wax and waxed the top after I scrubbed it down with a green scrub sponge.
when the wax was cured I used my buffing brush with my drill to shine it right up.
It looks amazing, all while keeping the vintage feel.

after the paint was all dry, I waxed the whole thing with light aging wax and then buffed it up to an old vintage finish.

If you can't tell  I LOVE IT!
I mean..its a bit serendipitous as we are going to Ireland in August
and every time I look at this table I am reminded of that.

I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!
I know know I will looking at my Emerald Green table.

I hope you enjoyed this makeover.
While I am at it I might as well keep bugging you about that favor I asked last week.

You know how much I love to SAVE furniture...take something that nobody wants and
turn it into something that someone will LOVE..
Well I am made it into a top 10 contest for Making over furniture..
I REALLY REALLY NEED your votes...
I normally honestly would not enter contests because I really hate the stress of well...
THIS...begging for votes...but now that I am in the 10 ten, I kinda feel like..
OK...I should really TRY...even if I least I tried..
I have to show it as much effort as I do the furniture itself..
so If you could and want too, Just click HERE
and simply LIKE my french armoire. Its as simple as that...

 mission makeover
and know how much I really truly appreciate it...
Thank you so much
and have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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