Monday, September 23, 2013

Modge Podge and an Old Door; Halloween Decor

Happy Halloween!! :) Well not yet, but TRYING TRYING TRYING, to get
 a bit ahead of the game, even though I know other bloggers are probably already working on EASTER stuff and I am just getting around to halloween. :)
I wanted some simple decor since TIME is at a premium right now. 

You know how I Save EVERYTHING right? Well this was one of 2 slide doors from a rescue piece
and instead of throwing them out, I saved them knowing I would use them eventually for something....
and I was right. I just filled the old pull hole with wood filler and left it as it was.

Since I needed something quick, I just popped on over to THE GRAPHICS FAIRY,
and printed off one of her royalty free graphics. This was a vintage halloween scene that I thought was adorable. I just glued it to the door, and sprayed the top with a favorite craft item of mine, Spray Modge more cleaning brushes when your done..spray on a couple coats and you are good to go.
When it was all dry I took sand paper to the edges to give it a rough edge.

and there you have it. A Halloween decoration, that pretty much cost me nothing
since I had it all on hand! Pretty nifty huh? :)

I hope you enjoyed this simple little DIY.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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