Monday, September 30, 2013

Laminate Furniture can be BEAUTIFUL too! Willow Tree Dresser

Good Morning my Beauties!! I hope you
all had a wonderful weekend!
Ours seem to just be flying by....(that's what happens when all 4 kids
are in Fall sports though)  We did finally get some down time on Sunday and
that was much needed. I didn't have time to work on any projects this weekend but over the past couple of weeks I have been chipping away at them during the week and basically like a squirrel storing its nuts for the winter, I have been storing posts. So I just have to remember that I did them and photographed them...:)
So I can write the post later....(and yes, I realize I am THAT squirrel that is digging all over the yard wondering where I buried my nuts...hahahha) But I digress....:)
I wanted to show you all that Laminate furniture can be pretty too...:)

I got this perfectly fine laminate dresser from a friend of mine. I had traded her earlier a dresser for her son, and she in kind gave me this one...It was in fine condition, minus some scrapes of the laminate  on the top and the drawer fronts...So I just lightly sanded and got to painting.

I slapped on some Omaha Ochre on the drawer fronts and some Smokey Mountain,
CeCe Caldwells paint on the base. I loved it already just as it was, but
It was a blank canvas for me....and you know I have to paint!! I
can't have a PLAIN dresser...:)

You also know how much I LOVE trees..I mean my first ever logo for
I have done so many tree paintings and  even other tree dressers.
I wanted to soften the squareness of this dresser a bit, so I drew on a willow tree,
with its winding roots and winding branches.
'I got out my brushes and my paints and started painting on the tree in a mix of black with a little bit
of metallic in it just to give it a subtle texture.

Once it was painted on I used my KRINK metal marker to outline the whole thing
and then when that was dry I distressed and waxed the whole thing with light wax and buffed it.

I am so happy with how it turned out.

Don't be afraid to paint that laminate furniture my needs love too..
and its a great way of keeping more stuff out of the landfills..
I hope you all enjoyed this and I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day.
Until next time..
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