Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Random side table and Chair Makeover.

Good Morning my Beauties...Welcome to the SPEED ROUND of a
Furniture Makeover. As you know things have been NUTS here...with four kids in sports
and hubby teaching and then a Professor at night at the college and my 3 booths and a blog, WELL YOU GET THE PICTURE!!
So while I have been working and painting like a mad woman, I just have not had a lot of time to photograph
and stage and post before I have to bring things right into the store as we go into the busy season.
I managed to snap a couple of shots of the last few things I brought in and hoping that as things slow down as the fall sports season slows down, I will have more time to post.

In the midst of all the crazy, we took time away from sports for my Birthday on Friday and went on our final camping trip of the season. Its a tradition and we all dress up as its the Halloween party for the campground.
My hubby knows how much I have always loved to dress up and has slowly seen the light on the fact that he WILL get dressed up with me..:)  This year we were Mona Lisa and he was Leonardo Davinci
and we won the prize for most creative.
The kids had a blast as SNOW WHITE, INDIANA JONES, a HOMEMADE Ipod Costume and
A fancy cat lady...:)  Mostly they loved all the PRE HALLOWEEN fun and candy.
We had a blast and it was nice to discard our normal crazy Saturday routine, for a CRAZY camping routine..:)

as you know I COLLECT things...chairs...side tables..odds and ends... :)
and when the time permits I like to paint things as sets.
I had this chair from Goodwill that had a stained seat and was just ....MEH....plain..boring...

and I had this cute little table that folded down...it was fun, but plain..again...
But that was about to change..

I slapped on some Destin Gulf Green from CECE CALDWELLS on the side table

and Vermont Slate on the chair..I waxed them...and recovered the seat with a bolt of fabric that I got at goodwill. When the side table was dry I stenciled it with "cafe artiste" ( I told you this was the speed round..:)) 

You can see I was even trying to take pictures in my booth..as I was running out of time..
(as I look at this picture I can see in the background 4 pieces of furniture that have already sold..
and now you know why I am rushing to paint and fill...:)
(A problem I am happy to have as we come off of a LOOOONG.....SLOOOOWWWW...SUMMER)

So there you have it..a little odds and end makeover that turned into a cute little set..
I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day;
 and if you find this post to
be a bit disjointed and crazy..you can blame it on my MOM BRAIN...:)
I am off to paint...again....
until next time..

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