Monday, September 16, 2013

Painted Cedar Chest Makeover

Good Morning again my Beauties...I hope the weekend left you healthy and happy.
We got half that part. Illness has hit us in the first week back to school and is
slowly grabbing on to any host that it can find. Luckily only 3 out of 6 of us have been lucky enough to
enjoy its visit. Hoping the other 3 are left unscathed...FINGERS CROSSED.
WELP...before I was one of the lucky 3 to get infested, I was able to finish this cedar chest.
I happened to start it when I had to go pick up my son from school on the FIRST week of school because
he was in the nurses office. I figured if I was gonna be stuck at the house and he was sleeping I might as well get a project going.

I had bought this cedar chest a couple weeks ago. I loved the detail but the veneer was shot.

This in addition to the veneer was not helping things...its about 1/4 inch thick of some sort of glue and newspaper..

It took me forever even with my beloved belt sander to even get it to where it was smooth with the rest of the top. I don't know what it was but they should put up buildings with it cause it wasn't going anywhere.

Once the prep work was finally done I could get started with my paint. I custom mixed
a couple of blues that I had and started painting. I loved the look but I wanted the detail to pop more.
That's where I grabbed one of my royal design stencils and started to stencil the top.
I just wanted to high light it and not overdo it.
I then also painted all the detail work with the same paint and when dry,
distressed and waxed it.

I really love how it came out and how it still has its feminine feel

and how the stencil detail adds to the original detail.

It even still has the original price tags and add inside with the date..

and here she sits in my booth in CALEDONIA VINTAGE MARKETPLACE,
waiting for someone to take her home.
Well hopefully by the time you read this, I will be well on my way to feeling better and
back at doing what I love to do, and hopefully the rest of the clan stays healthy.
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover and I hope you
have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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