Friday, October 24, 2014

Kid Ravaged to Vintage School house style Dresser Makeover

Good Morning my BEAUTIES!
I have been a busy little beaver, working on tons and tons
of stuff for the booth. I have finished some furniture pieces 
but the weather has been LESS THAN COOPERATIVE
for photographing. This was a set I was able to photograph 
before the leaves were falling and the rain too!!

I got this BEAUTY (I wish there was a sarcasm font..:))
at the local Goodwill. It was only $15 because as you can see...

It was in pretty rough shape. Now structurally I was ECSTATIC because this was all just cosmetic stuff
that I needed to deal with. I mean..I am imagining this had been in a childs room that had a
bit of fun with crayons...(a child after my own heart.)  :)

The finish was also wearing off. I decided at this point (well it was decided for me since I was out of sandpaper and I REEEALLLY didn't want to go to the store for sandpaper) that I was not going to sand and stain the top. Instead I would use CeCe Caldwells Virginia Chestnut for the top.

You can see from the picture that I gave it a couple of coats and let it dry.

While that was drying it was time to work on the drawers..Now here is a FUNNY story... SEE how I spent all that time filling the screw holes cause I planned on putting shiny new knobs on it....
Yeah, we will get to that later.

I painted the whole base with a custom blue I mixed up of a couple different paints I had.

Now remember me telling you about filling the old holes...yeah, I went to clean the hardware like I always do with ammonia and when I took it out of the ammonia it looked like this..A FABULOUS patina from the brass and a bit of oxidation from the ammonia. I was in LOVE so guess who has two thumbs and had to re-drill the OLD hardware holes...Thats right MOI!!

When all the paint was dry and the wax was cured..I buffed the heck out of it. This is where I love using Virginia Chestnut for the top. Look how it takes on the grain. Little bits of the original wood poke through here and there, giving it a wood grain look.

And here is the finished product. I love that Just that little bit of paint and wax was able to turn that disaster of a dresser into a one of a kind BEAUTY!
Until next time,
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