Monday, February 10, 2014

Rescued "HOME" Mud room bench Makeover

Good Morning my BEAUTIES! 
at least I hope it is for you! :)
I my friends am MAJORLY crabby.
The weather here seems to be a broken record...we are stuck on SNOW and hitting, if you can imagine record breaking numbers for snow fall. 
You know its bad when you start to see Gravel trucks with double trailers
having to MOVE snow out of town. (yes.....there is no longer anywhere to put the snow in parking lots or edges of roads. )
So if you can imagine all we are getting to see here in Michigan is lots and LOTS of white...and gray....and blah...(now you know why I am so crabby..LOL :)
So this has taken a huge impact not only on my PAINTINGS...but also the furniture I have been painting...NO WHITE for me!! I NEED COLOR!
I had this old bench sitting in my garage...It was a save from a friend..(the "come get this outta my garage before I throw it away" kinda save)
As you can see, It was a SARCASTICALLY gorgeous BROWN.. :)
Well that didn't take but a few minutes to change...I 
grabbed American Paint Company's Peacock Blue
and slapped on a couple coats.
I think it looks better already.....don't you?

Then it sat....and sat....and sat...One of the side effects of lots of snow and cold..
is things need to be done inside...Even with my furnace running I couldn't get the garage
to stay heated...So it sat...IN MY DEN...along with about 10 paintings I had just done...
I was so busy painting pictures, that I just couldn't decide WHAT I wanted to put on this bench.
I had thrown around funny phrases and ideas..but I wasn't feeling it..

Then inspiration STRUCK!!
Now me and my STATE are not exactly on speaking terms right now...
I mean..most of us here and pretty much DONE with winter...
but the blue of this bench had me dreaming of the BLUE BLUE lakes 
along the shores of MICHIGAN...the beautiful beaches..the sand dunes..the campfires of
the SUMMER....and I remembered why it is that we do love it here.
for all the heck we are put through in the winter...we do get our pay backs in the summer.
So I decided the perfect thing for the top of this bench was to make a vinyl stencil 
that said "HOME".
I used my silhouette to cut out the letters and use our MITTEN state for the O.

I used a pale white acrylic paint to put it on and when it was dry I distressed and waxed the whole thing and buffed it. 
Quite the transformation...
and then it was time to bring it to the booth.
Along with all the paintings I have been working on..

I brought it into my booth..with all the other COLORFUL stuff
I have been loading it up with...

Plus I think she looks pretty good with my COVENTINA sitting above her
at the booth. :)

 So hopefully my the time you guys read this..I will wake up to SUN
and blue skies...(but I won't hold my breath..or else I will be the same color blue as this bench)
I promise to at least TRY not to be crabby about the weather...(I am crossing my fingers...)
So until next time...
Have a BEAUTIFUL day...
(and if you happen to have any extra SUN or WARM weather....please send it to Michigan..
You have no idea how many of us would be GRATEFUL)