Monday, July 14, 2014


Good Morning my Beauties.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
We were busy with lots of kids stuff so there was no time
to get any projects done. Luckily while we had some nice weather last
week I was able to knock out a couple makeovers.

One of them was this BENCH. It was cute enough as it was.
But the paint was in rough shape (meaning someone had spray painted it....but missed lots of spots in certain areas so it was a blotchy finish)
That didn't bother me though as I was intending to paint it anyway when I bought it.
I have been dying to try AMERICAN PAINT COMPANY'S Nana's cupboard.
I knew that this bench would be the perfect piece for it.
So I lightly painted on two thin coats and when it was dry I wet distressed it and then
waxed and buffed it. 
I then reattached the seat and set her out for her PHOTO SHOOT!
I am so happy with how she turned out.
I love the freshness of the green against the old slightly faded seating.
It was another piece that my hubby was asking if we could keep for the house. (isn't he cute)
But alas we have no where for it.
So she is in my booth ready to go make her place in someone's home.

I hope you enjoyed this makeover!
If you could do me a favor.
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Now go and make someones day BEAUTIFUL!
Until next time.
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Creativity Unleashed link party!