Wednesday, April 2, 2014

From EWWW to Eau De Lavande Coffee Table Makeover

Good Morning my BEAUTIES!
I have a quick makeover for you before I get back
to my regularly scheduled "running around like a maniac trying to pack 4 kids suitcases along with my own" PANIC!
I thought I owed you a new furniture project since I will be leaving for a week and don't know if I will get any time to edit and post while I am gone.

I decided to show this coffee table I just did. I picked it up as you see above. In the picture it really doesn't look as EWWW as it should. The table was obviously originally a glass top table and 
they must have broke it so they had a piece of pine cut and rounded.
The picture doesn't show the ORANGE ness of it..It was PYLON orange.
and it had been spray painted and then never really cleaned after that.
So it was time for me to make it BEAUTIFUL!
I grabbed my CeCe Caldwells Kentucky Mint
and got to work.

I painted on 2 coats and then had to decided what to do next.
after waxing and distressing and buffing it. (I wanted the orange to come through to compliment the green) 
I decided I wanted to FRENCH it up! 
I grabbed my MAISON DE STENCILS stencil and got to work.

I used just regular old black craft paint with a little bit of the mint mixed in to tone it down.
After it was finished I waxed and buffed it again and she was good to go.

 I love the change and honestly had to get this baby out of my
house PRONTO because I was trying to figure out how I could use it in my home...
Its how I roll.
But I assure you I brought it to my booth at Changing Thymes.
I got it out so that someone else could enjoy it. 

Well I hope you enjoyed this makeover, 
and hopefully soon I will be out of the cold cold weather
and be somewhere the sun is shining with a drink in my hand and
my toes in the sand.....:)
Wish me luck!
Until next time;
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL.
My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia