Thursday, June 12, 2014

Custom "CAMPING" Spare Tire Cover for FATHERS DAY

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 Good Morning My BEAUTIES!
Its Fathers day coming up and I thought I would show you what I made for 
my Father in Law.
 My father in law had given me his spare tire cover over 6 months ago. 
He said at my leisure to just "paint something on it"
At the time it had a giant paper BASS on it and was pretty grubby.
Since it was for hubbys dad I had him scrape off the Bass and
clean it and spray paint it for me.
(its the least he could do since its HIS dad)  :)
 For MONTHS I toiled over what to "JUST PAINT" on the wheel.
I was dealing with In-laws here and didn't think they would appreciate..
"if the campers a rockin..don't come knockin"
So I had to come up with something else.
It literally took me 6 months to THINK of what to put on it
and another MONTH to figure out how to curve my TEXT in 
my SILHOUETTE program.
If you ever want to do this..GO to YOU TUBE
So many tutorials on there of things I will never get around too
but a GREAT resource for those of us trying to figure out our machine.
Once I had my graphic figured out..(I added the little camper just to FUN it up a bit)
 Once I cut my graphic I laid it on the wheel cover, carefully stenciling it on.
When it was dry I pulled off the vinyl and sprayed the whole thing
with a few coats of outdoor spar urethane.

Needless to say..I am showing you this because we already gave it to my father in law.
He was so ecstatic (not only to get his spare cover back....sorry dad..:)
But he loved the saying and the little campers.
I am now happy to report that we are leaving for camping.
A little "forced relaxation" as we say around here.
The only way we stop working at our house it to LEAVE.
So I hope you all have a great Fathers day weekend.
I lost my Dad years ago so its always bitter sweet.
But I was blessed with a Father in Law that loves me like 
his own child.
I also have many years of wonderful memories of my own Dad.
Until Next time~!
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL!