Monday, June 2, 2014

French Dresser Makeover à deux

 Good Morning my BEAUTIES!
Sorry I have been neglecting you this past week.
We bought a new car (as we had our last one for over 10 years and it
was crying to be put out to pasture) and the kids are wrapping up
the last week of school so with that, goes all the parental duties of
Field day, concerts,sporting events and more...
PLUS, in addition to that, the owner of CHANGING THYMES Grandville,
purchased another building adjoined to our old building and put a whole through to
add more spaces and change our store front location and with that came me moving up 
next to the front door from the old part of the building..
SOOOO you know...just the usual relaxing time over here..:)

 Even with all that going on, I have still been working on furniture ...even though, some of the makeovers you see were done a few months ago and you WILL see snow in the staging pictures and very little good lighting...You will have to forgive me on those.:)
But this one I got done just after the snow melted and photographed..
I figured I might as well show it to you......:)

 This is what I started with..Your plain old 70's maple dresser.
It had seen its prime and was scratched and gouged and needed a bit of an update.

 I sanded her down and had to do some heavy sanding around the old handles as over the years they had pressed into the wood and left marks. I knew I would be changing the hardware 
and didn't want that to be an issue.
 Once the sanding was done I mixed up some custom colors. 
Now you may remember I did a French dresser with this graphic a while back and loved it so much I decided I couldn't part with it...
You can see that one HERE
I figured I should make one to sell as well.
I kind of used the same colors but reversed them.
 Once the paint was dry and waxed and buffed I used my stencil to 
put on my graphic.

After the graphic was dry, I distressed the whole thing and waxed and buffed again to give it 
that aged layered look.
Now I have one to keep and one to sell.
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover.
I promise to try to not keep you waiting so long for the next one.
I have lots of projects lined up
and can't wait to share them with you.
Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the LINK party
where you can show me what you have been up to.
Until then..
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL.

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