Thursday, June 30, 2016

"HAPPY CAMPER" vintage window Summer Decor Vinyl Sign

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We are leaving for vacation so I thought I would hit REPLAY on one of my favorite summer craft projects from last year! ENJOY!

Good Monday Morning my BEAUTIES!!
We are in CRUNCH time here at the ART IS BEAUTY house...
(it seems we are always in CRUNCH time)
Never enough time and too much to do..
Hubby is re roofing the shed..(which I was was suppose to help with)
but then we both realized we leave for a family vacation in less than 10 days
and I had NOTHING for my booths.
I have been furiously working on furniture while he works on house projects..
OH and did I mention we are also suppose to paint our 2 story house within the next 10 days...
and yeah....I still haven't picked out a paint color yet..
Yeah..its how we while I was waiting for paint to dry
and working on other booth projects I thought...
"I will just quick sneak in a project for me" one would notice RIGHT????
Yeah he noticed....OH WELL..:)
If you remember I picked up a bunch of free windows over fathers day weekend.
I knew I wanted to make some projects with them and
just had to find the time to do them..
FUNNY....paint drying time is the PERFECT time..(especially when you don't feel like doing laundry)    :)

I cleaned up the windows and then had to decide what I wanted on them.
If you remember I made my Father in law a Wheel Cover for his camper
for Fathers day..
You can see that HERE.

I had liked the design so much and was trying to figure out how to incorporate it in the house.
The window was the perfect way.

I used my Silhouette to cut out my design with my vinyl 
and placed it onto my window.

I just love the VINTAGE feel that goes so well the window.
Normally Purple would not be a color I would choose,
but for some reason it just called to me.
I just loved it.
I hope you enjoyed this fun little project.
Be sure to come back tomorrow for the LINK party,
where you can show off all the goodies you have been working on.
Until next time..
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL.