Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Morning MAHEM!

Good Morning my Beauties!
I have NOTHING new to show you today..
Its not that I haven't been doing anything...
Its that we have been doing EVERYTHING.
I can show you all the stuff I have been working on.
But I have no EDITED pictures to show you.
This will be instead a snap shot into the life of a Mom/Artist/DIY'r/Blogger/??????
I am sure there are more but my brain is clapping the last remaining brain cells together, trying to create a spark....but I think they are SHOT...:) LOL
So Instead I will show you what we have been up to the last few weeks here at the ART IS BEAUTY
But Before I begin let you remind you of WHY we are so busy right now..
Remember this LONG COLD UNENDING WINTER we had in Michigan..
oh you don't????
Let me remind you....

This...This is why we CRAM so much into our too small summer...
Remember we were pretty much frozen from here to Wisconsin...
If someone really wanted we could have walked
from Michigan across the lake to Wisconsin...
So once the snow melts...we have to become MACHINES..
Getting as many Outdoor projects done as is humanly possible..
before this comes rearing its ugly head back around.

As soon as the snow melts and its warm enough to work outside;
So basically since the end of the school year we have been busting our bottoms
to get our projects done.
From my usual Booth stuff.
Of which we opened an addition to the store so I moved my booth
 This was the new space I moved into a couple weeks ago..
 Then we had to re roof the shed...
Of course we picked the hottest week to work on it..
 We snuck in a much needed awesome wonderful amazing vacation to Colorado
with lots of family time and lots of hiking..
cause you know; who wants to relax on vacation....???
 BUT with any vacation you must pay the piper..
as soon as we got home (driving 18 hours straight through from Colorado to Michigan)
It was back in the saddle again.
 Day one back and I was working like mad to play CATCH UP for the booths..painting and filling.
 Trying to get as much done as possible before the BIG HUGE
LOOMING project started......
DUN DUN DUN......................... can you hear the impending horror music.
It was time to PAINT THE WHOLE house.

 This is hubby..up on the roof...
we have aluminum siding....
we had to powerwash...TSP and rinse the whole thing before we could even start..
That alone took 3 days....
 Then FINALLY I could start painting...
and that is when I pretty much MOVED into Lowes...
Picking paint...then picking door paint...then...oh not gonna buy new shutters..
just gonna paint the old ones.....BACK TO LOWES...
 And here is close to where we stand right now..
I managed to paint the bottom front of the house in one day...
the back and sides will take much longer..
and then all the doors and shutters....
So NOW you know
what we have been up to.
If you see me lying face down in the grass...please don't wake me..
It means either I fell of the ladder and I am taking and unexpected nap..
or I am playing dead so I don't have to paint anymore...:)
 I know it will be worth it...
I at least keep telling myself that..;
that and the fact that the hubby and I have both agreed we will NEVER
do this apparently our neighbors better like the color of our house
cause they are gonna be looking at it for the next 30 years or so...

I hope you enjoyed this snap shot into our lives of lately..
(crazy is pretty much the norm around here anyway, so its not that far off from our 
usual level of insanity)
And I hope you will come back and see the results of all our hard work.
I promise to be back with furniture makeovers crafts and artwork,
but it may be a bit.
So until next time;
go make someones day BEAUTIFUL!