Sunday, April 3, 2016

Before and After MANLY...(handsome) Dresser Makeover

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Good Morning my Beauties...
Its Makeover Monday again and this time I have painted something for the 
MEN. (raise your hand if I have male readership..:)
I often paint lots of things in colors that are not MY taste but those of the people buying my
furniture. They are not for me so I figure I will paint them the colors my customers want.
This is one such case.

I had picked up this dresser a while ago at Goodwill and let it sit in my is my NORMAL M.O.  :) Hubby just LOVES that ...
I usually let them sit so that I can be inspired by HOW  they want to be painted.
This dresser sat and sat, because honestly I didn't want to do another GIRLY dresser.

 I started to PREP it one day this summer BEFORE we started to paint our house. 
I thought, I will just get it READY so that when I am INSPIRED it will be ready to paint.
 I filled the old hardware holes since the people who had donated it had already changed the hardware and were only using ONE hole on each side. I sanded those down once they were dry and sanded down all the nicks and scratches and watermarks.  It was at this point that inspiration struck.
 I realized at that moment this was meant to be a HANDSOME dresser; NOT a girly dresser. :)
I started mixing up some fun paint that I like to call either GUN METAL GREEN or
SHARK FIN. Its so hard to decide on the name because it is a custom mix of blues and greens.
I painted the whole thing with this custom color in a very thin coat. 
I wanted the wood grain to come through just a bit to keep that almost WASHED finish.
I waxed it and buffed it and was thrilled with how it came out.
 I then went into my treasure trove of knobs that I save from every single project I have ever done (another think the old hubby is thrilled with) and found the exact number of copper knobs.
Giving it that even more Masculine feeling.
 I am happy to say that it also SOLD,
before I even had a chance to put up this post.
SO I guess my instincts were right to wait for HIM to tell me he wanted to be 
I hope you enjoyed this weeks makeover!
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Until next time.
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL.