Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Roadside Rescue Dresser Zero Money Makeover

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Welcome back my Beauties!.
As you read this I am hopefully crossing the Tennessee Border heading South for our family's Spring Break.
I am probably slugging down Gas Station coffee, with my earbuds in, jammin to some awesome tunes while my kids sleep peacefully in the back. Hopefully the Hubby is catching some winks so he will be bright eyed for his turn at the wheel when the sun starts to rise.
But enough about our 24 hour straight through drive.
Lets talk about this Roadside Rescue.
 Here is the back story on this dresser.
You may all know that I sell my furniture in the store Changing Thymes in Grandville Michigan.
Well, we have lots and lots of competition in the surrounding area and sometimes it is HARD to find a piece of furniture to paint to sell.
This was one of those times.
I had been perusing the thrift stores and craigslist and I was having No LUCK at all.
Then, I get a call that there is a FREE dresser sitting in someones front yard.
Well you can bet your bottom dollar that I jumped in my truck and burned on out over to where this was before someone else could snatch it up.
The thing was a beast, but I didn't let that stop me.
Seeing as this wasn't my first rodeo I backed my Suburban up,
hopped out and started working out how I was gonna get this in my truck by myself.
I first pulled out all the drawers and stacked them on the middle seat.
then I flipped the thing up on its end and laid it down slowly on the bumper of my truck.
Once I had the leverage I popped the other end and pushed it up into the back, just as the owner was coming out to help. 
I believe his words were something like "one woman pit crew"
I also think he was very happy not to have had to help.
With that I was back on my way home so I could start transforming it right away.

 Being as this was a particle board piece (sauder) the top was super shiny.
It also had lots of nasty water rings and scratches.
I wanted to make sure I had good adhesion for my paint before I started so I wiped the whole piece down with DEGLOSSER

 After wiping off the deglosser and then lightly sanding out the deep scratches  I could get to painting.
I chose this gray color by old town paints.
I wanted to take this piece out of the 1980's and give it a more classic feel.

I gave it 2 coats of paint after I took off all the old hardware and spray painted the original hardware black.
I didn't put the old brash shell shapes back on because like I said I was trying to bring it OUT of the 80's

Once the two coats of gray were dry I used some black acrylic paint to dry brush the whole piece, which helped to give it a little more dimension.
Then I sealed the whole piece with some satin poly and I could start putting the hardware back on.

Look at the difference from the first picture.
It cost me no money, because I used paint I already had and just painted the old hardware.
I love the classic gray and black.
I have to laugh because I painted this on a day that it hit 60 degrees here and was rushing like a mad woman to quickly photograph (Which is why you will notice the minimal staging)
It has snowed 3 times since then.
(now you know why we are driving south)
 I have to say these makeovers are some of my favorites because with a little paint, I was able to save this piece from going to the landfill.

I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover and I hope I have inspired you to not drive by those pieces that you see on the side of the road 
(unless you live by me, then you better keep on driving LOL)
Until next time,
Have a Beautiful day!

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