Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fabulous French Graphic and Colorful Coral dresser MAKEOVER

We are camping so I am hitting replay on a favorite of mine!

Good Morning my BEAUTIES!!

I finally have a new furniture makeover to share with you.
Its not that I haven't been painting furniture,
its that I have been too busy to edit and post.
But after your long wait I give you my
Fabulous French Graphic and Colorful Coral Dresser Makeover.
The day after we got home from our trip to Durango I started working on this baby.
(this was BEFORE the fire) You can read about that HERE

I had picked up this dresser from a thrift shop.
Now it looks like its in good shape but see all that white stuff...??
Its a white mildew.
The thing had obviously been stored somewhere that didn't breathe well.
It also wasn't stained wood. It was painted to look like wood...?? Kind of an oxymoron 
I know??? Wood painted to look like wood. :)

I grabbed my trusty Belt sander and thought I would bring this baby back to a nice
wood finished top............UHHHHHHHH NO..
Even after belt sanding the some how crazy scientific paint lab grade paint job
you could see that it wasn't going anywhere...Once I got through the brown paint layers,
you coud see that there was another layer of cream paint....
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... Change of plans...

Since the dresser was behaving like a DIVA, I decided she was going to look like a Diva!
I grabbed my CeCe Caldwells Coral paint and got to work.
I painted on 2 thin layers of the coral paint and let it dry.
Then I waxed it and buffed it.
Once she was prepped and ready I decided she still needed a little more 
I grabbed my reusable Mylar stencil that 
a nice person on Etsy. had made me.
Lauren does amazing work and she made this specifically for a project I was working on.

I had her use a free graphic from Karen the Graphics Fairy
and she cut it into three seperate sections.
I used this stencil and some Navy craft paint to stencil on my
Fabulous French Graphic.

Once the Navy paint was dry I waxed it and buffed it again to give it 
that age old finish.

I added some Mercury Glass knobs from Hobby Lobby and she was ready for her Close up!
I love how the Navy Pops against the Coral.
Classic, but fun and fabulous! 

I hope you enjoyed this latest Makeover and hope you will come back
tonight when the Twirl and Take a Bow Link Party 
goes up.
We would all love to see all the latest fun stuff you have been up to.
Until Next time,
Go Make someones day BEAUTIFUL!!