Thursday, June 18, 2015

Beat up Sauder Cabinet turned Vintage Pantry

Hello again my BEAUTIES! 
I hope you have been having a wonderful week.
We are in full blown summer mode here at the Art is Beauty home,
so if you know me; you know that means going non stop. :)
Once nice weather hits (or even sub par weather) we hit the ground running.
We have so little nice weather here in Michigan we have to cram as much fun
in the summer as we can.

Before we left for camping last week I was able to eek out a quick project.
This old sauder (press board) cabinet that my sister was getting rid of when she moved.
It had seen better days and was used as storage in their basement.
You can see here that the paper was peeling and it had other scratches all over it.
I don't have a picture of those as I said before ....RUSH mode.
I quick lightly sanded the whole thing especially where the paper was peeling and primed 
the whole piece. 
After that was dry I gave it a custom green paint job.
I wanted a vintage green color to fit with the style of the cupboard.

Once the paint was dry I distressed and waxed and buffed the whole piece.
I wanted it to feel old and layered. You can see here where the primer and wood are poking through.
When that was dry I used my silhouette to create a small "pantry" stencil with arrows.
I laid it on and just used some gray/white craft paint to stencil it on.
I then distressed the graphic when it was dry to match the whole piece.
I think you will agree, it looks much better than the fake paper wood before.
 It fits perfect with vintage pieces.
And its now sitting in my booth ready for its new home, while
we run off on another summer adventure.
I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day.
Until next time,
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL.


Anonymous said...

Love it!! 🥰