Friday, March 31, 2017

Roadside Rescue Free Russell Woodard MCM Patio Chair set Spray Painted Makeover

(hitting replay of one of my favorite makeovers that I kept) 

Hello again my Beauties!
(UPDATE...thanks to an awesome reader I found out these are Highly collectible
 Mid-Century Modern SPUN Fiberglass Russell Woodard Chairs....I am so glad I kept them) 
I have been meaning to show you this makeover for over a month now.
I was going through some pictures on my computer and realized I never showed you
this makeover.
 One night over a month ago on a walk we came across three of these chairs for free on the side of the road. a SUCKER for FREE furniture you know I picked them up.
The one above went to my booth but the other 2 were going to be mine.
They just needed a little WORK.
 Here is a close up of the wicker and cushions before...
They were kinda....well...YUCK.
The cushions were dirty and out dated and the wicker had lost parts of its old paint job,
but the chairs themselves were oh so COMFY and I love the cool style!
I quickly gave the chairs a couple coats of Black Spray Paint and got to
work on the chairs.

 Now I tried to be FANCY with the cushions and use this fancy dancy special spray paint...
Well, as you can tell..NO, it didn't work.
The plastic mesh type material was no match for the expensive fabric spray paint.

So I went with my favorite standby!
I grabbed a couple cans of my favorite Rustoleum spray paint and gave the cushions 2 coats.
It worked perfectly.
I mean..why had I gone through all that trouble before I tried good old spray paint?

 The nice part about forgetting to post is that I can tell you..
the spray paint has held up FABULOUSLY. 
No flaking..No Peeling...They look as good as they did the first day.
I love them and we have been putting them to good use while
we FINALLY enjoy some nice weather here in Michigan!
Until next time;
go make someones day BEAUTIFUL!
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