Friday, October 16, 2015

From GROSS to GRAND! Upholstered Chair Makeover

 Hello again my BEAUTIES! 
Now I know I promised to show you my kitchen makeover this week, but 
the time has gotten away from me and I haven't had time to do all the post editing 
and everything that it entails so I thought I would hold you off with something a little different
for me, FURNITURE wise.

 One day at Goodwill (this is how most of my stories begin LOL)
I saw this chair sitting there. 
The arm were as you can see DISGUSTING!
I walked past the first time because I couldn't get past the arms.
But then something called me back.
OH, I know what it was! 
It had a price tag of $10 on it.
Our thrift stores and Goodwills NEVER sell anything for $10.
So I circled around the chair again and gave it another look.
The rest of the chair was in perfect shape.
BUT OH, those arms...YUCK.
I contemplated again, with a running dialogue in my head.
"it's only 10 bucks"
"but what if you can't get that nasty stuff out?"
"Still; its only $10 bucks"
"but I could buy a bottle of wine with $10 bucks!"
(just kidding I just thought of that argument)
"well if it doesn't come clean you can always PAINT IT"
"dang girl, you are right; I could totally paint it"
I mean seriously..You saw the previous train of thought!
It was a no brainer. :)
I brought it home and grabbed my steam cleaner and cleaned the HECK out of it!
I mean...I worked up a sweat steam cleaning that sucker.
As you can see; it came out awesome.
It was so clean it looked brand new.
But you know me, NEW is boring.:)
I wanted it to have a little more UMPH!
 I decided this would be the perfect place to use some of the upholstery tacks I had picked up at my craft store.
I had a coupon too, so that made them even cheaper.
About $1.40 For a package and I use about 2 packs.
Basically using my finger width as a measurement for spacing I just lightly tacked them in place
around the fronts of the arm of the chair.
 I finished up one arm and moved on over to the next one.
I still can't believe that this is the same chair.
I am so happy I took the chance on it, and that it payed off.
I am also glad I went with the decorative tacks,
or else I may have ended up selling it at my booth because it was too BORING for me. :)
Now I love it! Can you even believe the difference?

So next time you see that piece that you just aren't sure about,
do as ABBA tells you and "take a chance"
I am so glad I did!
Until next time,


Unknown said...

Wonderfull job! What kind of steam cleaner do you have. Please let me know, I need it so bad!!!!!!! Thank you