Sunday, October 18, 2015

Homemade Chalk Paint dining set

one of my first transformations way back WHEN!

Wooo Hoooo!! Finally got this big project done. I finally got to finish the dining room table with 4 chairs.

I got a set of 4 chairs at Goodwill for only $14.99. But as you can see the fabric is you say.......BLECH!!!!!!

So I ran to Hobby Lobby and got me some fun orange and cream fabric...I know its the Hot color, but I have always been an Orange girl...( I am a red head, what can I say) :)

So then much to my hubby's Chagrin, I had him help me get this table out of our shed. I have been Hoarding.......errrrr ummmm, SAVING it for a FEW months.....He was so HAPPY when the lovely neighbor gave this to us for doing a couple favors for her...(you should have heard his happy comments when he was helping me carry it home....What are you gonna do with this....where are you gonna put this...yada yada yada) :)

I got started sanding this beauty.....and as you can see from my pants....

I am so happy I have my respirator mask...can you imagine this dust in your nose...been there, done that...don't want to do it again..:)
So I sanded and sanded and got down to the layer I wanted...I didn't want to get completely bare, because I wanted it to have that old finish...

Once it was sanded, I dark stained it.

While that was drying I started on painting the chairs. I was so happy to discover 2nd Essence's recipe for homemade chalk paint.
She has been tweaking and tweaking and has come up with a great recipe....1/2 cup plaster of paris...1/2 cup hot water whisk those together and then add 1 1/2 cups of paints.
Make sure you stop over to Valerie's page and let her know how awesome it is that she did all this work.

It worked like a dream and was actually quite fun. Since it was a white I had to do 2 coats over the dark wood.

While those were drying I got to painting the legs of the table.

The fun part came in the morning when I got to use my clear wax to wax the chairs and re-attach the seats.

I can't believe these new ish chairs look like such old world look...

Same on the legs...Love how they have such an old Parisian look to them.

So excited to have finally finished such a big project.

While I was taking pics, I was trying to figure out if I could keep it...but I need two more my Husband lucked out...............................................................THIS TIME!!

I hope you enjoyed this project...Have a BEAUTIFUL day...
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