Friday, October 30, 2015

Painted Kitchen Cupboards Makeover REVEAL

Welcome back my BEAUTIES!
I am FINALLY getting around to posting our Kitchen Makeover REVEAL.
You may remember a couple weeks ago I promised you I would post the reveal the next week..

UMMMM......YEAH....I never got around to it.
Wanna know why?
For REALS???
Here goes..
I LOVE my Kitchen so much now, but between painting the cupboards,
doing the DIY blogger roundup in Chicago (which was at the same time as me making over my kitchen)  and the plethora of other projects I have going on for different companies I honestly could not bring myself to photograph edit and post about it.
For the Non DIY'ers who don't understand the "Process" that a post takes; let me explain.
Its not JUST the project...that I do on a daily basis.
BUT, once the process is done there is about a MILLION other things us bloggers need to do.
First thing being....CLEANING UP OUR MESS.
You see we tend to be BIG mess makers, so while we are working on a project I tend to push all the CRAP that was in the room aside, and have to keep taking pictures of the process.
Then after the cleaning we have to STAGE.
(which is not my THANG...I am sure I have told you before)
Being A.D.D. I know I have a limited attention span before I get tired of staging and move onto something else. (this is one reason I am sure my home will never be magazine worthy. I can't see myself NOT ever being so busy that I have time to do a proper staging because I know one of my 4 kids or hubby...or dog will come in and mess it up in seconds)
NEXT, Photographing time.
This can take anywhere from a half an hour to a few days.
In this case it was WEEKS.
We live in an old house and no amount of external light systems or natural light 
would show in the pictures how it looks in real life.
THAT caused me the frustration to postpone my post; and my A.D.D. to flair up and find Lots and LOTS of other projects to focus on until the kitchen makeover nagged and nagged at the back of my mind to make me JUST DO IT. 
and that finally happened.
(and thanks for listening to my little explanation of my METHOD and what my BRAIN goes through on a daily basis)  
Oh and even writing the above was a procrastination :)

 As I showed in the BEFORE post, this was me trying to decide on a color.
I was mixing and trying to decide how DARK I wanted to go. 
Well by the time I decided I went with a color straight out of the can.
It was just the deep hue I was looking for.
and since it was in the kitchen I chose their HIGH PERFORMANCE finish in Satin.
So I spent the next few days painting cupboards which as you know is always a FUN time.
The nice part about this  makeover is that I was leaving my upper cabinets the cream color 
that I had painted previously.
You will see from the pictures that although we are in an older home (built in the 60's) they LOVED storage.
WE have a U shaped kitchen with tons of cupboards . BUT that means lots to paint, so not painting the uppers saved me tons of time.
So now that the cupboards were painted it was time for some new hardware. 
I am normally a copper or a bronze girl, but I really wanted to do something fun and different with the hardware.
That's where HICKORY HARDWARE came in.
They had these fabulous pulls and knobs that look just AMAZING with the dark deep gray.
They went together like peanut butter and jelly.
I couldn't have been happier with how it looked.
PLUS, as I was getting ready to write up my post someone shared this post from HGTV...
Hey that color looks almost like mine.
For once in my life I just might be ON TREND..(probably not but I can dream.:))

I loved how the hardware pulled together the stainless steel appliances but yet still looked good with all my vintage kitchen decor.

I have to tell you. This paint is so awesome. Since it took so long to post, I had a crazy amount of time to see how it did in the kitchen. 
My kids and I love to cook, and even more..make messes. This paint has withstood all of that.
I love the added strength that the hard finish added.
And its still looks like I JUST painted it.

So there you have it.
The Reveal is done with the best pictures I could get.
Its funny because I took about 300 pictures and I didn't like any of them.
I have gotten so critical with myself with photographing that I can see each and every single FLAW.
Where the light is reflecting off of a door,
or where there is a shadow that I can't control no matter what kind of lighting I used.
I finally had to make peace with the fact that no matter what I did I was going to find something
I didn't like about how I staged it and just like life I was gonna have to LOVE them for what they were.
The pictures may be slightly flawed but that's what makes them REAL.
And I couldn't be happier.
So there you have it.
The Kitchen Reveal that took longer to post about than it did to paint it.
I hope you enjoyed this unusually LARGE and wordy post.
 I finally accepted my imperfections and I am happier that way.
Until next time.
Have a Beautiful day.

To accept ourselves as we are means to value our imperfections as much as our perfections. ~ Sandra Bierig


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