Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Two Toned Buffet Bar Makeover

Working on a bunch of new projects 
so hitting REPOST on one of my favorite posts 
of last year!

Good Morning my Beauties!
It’s Themed Furniture Makeover Day!  This month’s theme is Two Toned.
So Today I have a fun Two Toned makeover for you guys!.

This was how I Found the piece at goodwill. 
It had that plastic type of coating on the top with the fake grain on the doors. Even though underneath is wood for some reason in the 70's and 80's they thought it looked better to put this fake veneer on top of it. But just like anything Styles change and this piece was looking for a NEW STYLE.
I sanded the top down the best I could to get a good contact with the plastic coating for my paint.
I was going Two Tone for the project so I wanted to do the legs the same as the top.
I did a custom mix of CeCe Caldwells brown and Coal.

While the top and bottom were drying,
I mixed up a custom blue green mix for the base.
I painted the whole thing and gave it a second coat after that on both the top 
and the bottom.

I used clear wax on the whole piece.
I buffed the whole thing and got a nice sheen to it.
Then I replaced the hardware to match the top and the bottom.
I just love how it changed the whole look of the piece.
I really like the change.
I hope you do too!
Oh and that painting on the of my first paintings I did as an adult.
I cried after I painted this Russian Olive tree because
I didn't know if I could still paint after all the years I let it go.
(so thats the back story on that...:)  Never give up)
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