Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Free Rescued Laminate ZERO Dollar Dresser Makeover

Welcome back my Beauties!
I am so happy to be back with a New Furniture Makeover piece to show off today.
It is a piece that sat for a while in my garage while I decided what I wanted to do with it.

 This is what sat staring at me BEGGING for a MAKEOVER!
I rescued this piece one day while picking my daughter up from Girl Scouts.
As we were driving to pick her up and OF COURSE running a tad late, I saw this sitting on the side of the road with a free sign on it.
As many of you know my head snapped around faster than the speed of sound.
Unfortunately not fast enough for my BRAIN to speak to my mouth to tell my hubby to pull over.
I am sure he figured it all out from the gasping and pointing.
He just said, IF its still their on the way back from picking up Gabby we will grab it.
It was still their when we got back as you can see. :)
We loaded it up in the van and took it home where it sat.
Then one day inspiration struck!
Whenever I pick up these rescues I try to spend ZERO to little money on the transformation.
Meaning I have to use What I have in my stash.
I grabbed some General Finishes Seagull Gray paint and gave the dresser 2 coats (after I had lightly sanded the stickers and gunk off the top of the laminate dresser.)

Once the 2nd coat was dry I decided it still needed a little something so I just dry brushed it with some brown paint.

Now even while that was an improvement it still wasn't good enough for little ole me!
I needed to add some spunk to it.
I had some number stencils in my stash so I quick used the same brown paint from the dry brushing and added the numbers down the front.
I then used just the cap to one of my paint lids and stamped circles around the numbers.
As for Hardware this is where it could get expensive.
LUCKILY I had just redone my kitchen ( you can see the Kitchen Makeover Here) and had saved all my old oil rubbed bronze drawer pulls hardware.
They were the perfect size.
So just like that, for ZERO dollars I was able to save this dresser from the trash.
AND even better, I brought it in to Changing Thymes and it sold almost instantly!
Furniture sales have been in a Slump so it was a nice to start the month with a sale!

So next time you see that piece of furniture on the side the road, give it a chance!
You too might be able to give it a ZERO dollar makeover!