Saturday, August 5, 2017

Emerald Green Rescued Dresser Before and After

emerald green boho dresser makeover BEFORE roadside rescue Free makeover diy blogger
Welcome back my Beauties!
I have a bright and beautiful makeover for you today!
A couple weeks ago my husband was out taking the dog for a walk and saw our neighbor had this dresser out for the trash. He quickly walked home and asked me if I wanted it.
I gave him the "LOOK" that conveyed "of COURSE I do!" and "HURRY UP BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE GRABS IT!" 
(normally I would have run out with him, but I had literally just stepped out of the shower)
The next thing you know I see him walking back up the road pushing this on my dolly...He didn't even mess around with the truck...he figured he took the dog for a walk, he might as well take the dresser for a walk! :)
It was in ok condition. It was a mix of particle board covered in "WOOD" looking stickers and solid wood.
The top was in almost perfect condition just needed to be cleaned up.
But the base...that needed some LOVIN!
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general finishes Emerald green water based milk paint dresser makeover artisbeauty karin chudy
I wanted this dresser to POP and show off a little after being left by the curb, so I chose

first coat of paint emerald green general finishes water based milk paint painted dresser makeover

Here you can see it after just one coat!
It was starting to transform before my very eyes.
Since the hardware was still in great shape, all I did was clean those up and spray them with some shiny gold paint.
Once it was all dry, she was ready for the BALL!
emerald green eclectic bohemian chic roadside rescue painted dresser makeover before and after

While I am always happy to score free furniture, 
sometimes I wish the people who got rid of them could see how a little bit of love transformed them.
(but I still want the free furniture 😊)
Emerald Green Gorgeous Bohemian Eclectic Rescued Dresser Before and after painted makeover general finishes

This will be another dresser that is hard to part with,
but I am happy knowing that I saved another piece from the landfill.

emerald green rescued dresser makeover before and after general finishes water based milk paint boho chic eclectic decor
boho chic Emerald Green roadside rescue dresser painted makeover before and after eclectic home decor

I hope I inspired you to try out some color in your life and see how much it can transform a piece!
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!