Friday, May 26, 2017

Bohemian Style Painted Desk Makeover

DIY BLOGGER Old outdated vintage pine desk given a bohemian makeover via Paint stain and hardware
Hey!! Welcome back my Beauties!!
Can you believe it?
I finally had time to write up a new post!
This piece has been done for about a month but crazy kids school schedule has kept me runnin in about 10 different directions at once!
I am actually sitting at my twins orchestra concert waiting for it to start as I type this.
I picked up this desk for about $10at the local thrift shop.
It wasn't much to look at and you can see they tried to "improvise" the missing knobs with some rope.
But that didn't really work out so well.
beat up old vintage pine desk given bohemain makeover BEFORE diy blogger
The top had some sort of GUM residue or something FUN on top that wasn't fun to look at!

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vintage beat up old desk gets boho style makeover sanding the top makeover rockwell orbital sander
Luckily it was nothing my 
couldn't take care of.
A couple of passes with that in different grit and the top was ready to be stained and sealed.

deco art american decor chalky finish paint in TREASURE green painted boho style desk makeover
While the top was drying I started working on the base.
Since I wanted to give it a punch of color to give it that BOHO feel I chose
A couple coats of that and it was looking better already!
DECO ART Americana Acrylic sealer Finisher over paint DIY bohemian Desk Makeover before and after
I used the 
to keep that chalky finish look to the piece.
Once it was all done I just grabbed some copper colored knobs to finish the piece off!

Treasure green deco art chalky finish Bohemian Boho Style Vintage Desk makeover painted before and after

I think you will agree, that it looks quite different than the before.
bohemian painted desk makeover diy deco art mint green chalky finish makeover

I will take that bright boho feel over that beat up orange finish any day!

before and after painted bohemian boho style desk makeover diy deco art americana treasure paint

I hope you think so too!
Until next time there is a break in the crazy kid schedule!
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!


Unknown said...

I love the color you used!