Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dogwood Dresser Makeover with KRINK marker and Ce Ce Caldwell paint

Feeling a bit nostalgic today on the blog.
This is still a favorite of mine and
just made me feel happy all over.
Come see the transformation of
this plain Jane dresser into a dynamite dogwood beauty

Dogwood handpainted artwork dresser makeover Krink permanent paint pen hand drawn diy makeover

Hand painted artwork dogwood dresser makeover orange and blue compimentary colors diy before and after recycled
Can you believe that THIS beauty;

Used to look like THIS???

I saved this dresser from the big furniture dumpster in the sky!
A.K.A. the CRUSHER. It was priced at only 7 bucks at the thrift store because they were trying to get rid of it. If I didn't buy it then it meant that most likely it would go to the
furniture recycling plant which is actually a giant CRUSHER!
Oh the HUMANITY!! I had to save it!

So I brought it home and it SAT in my garage for ......MONTHS!
My wonderful hubby asked me every day; "what are you going to do with it"
I had NO idea....:) It had  become a STORAGE of sorts. Lots of things started to
pile up on top of it...It was time to GO.

So much UNLIKE the A-team..I didn't have a plan...I never do...
I just walked out in my garage and went...hmmmm..
Grabbed the paintbrush....tooled through my paints and picked out my latest fave..
CeCe Caldwells and let the FUN begin!
Look at it... better already!!

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It was at this point that I decided to recreate my Dogwood dresser, but in
different colors. You know me...I have a hard time with WHITE and BLACK unless of
course they are in some crazy sort of pattern.
I drew out my dogwoods and then Grabbed my OH SO FAVORITE paint pen in the
whole wide world ...My KRINK 

Now I am sure you have all heard me GUSH about how much I love them and this is why!
I drew on my first coat of orange in about 10 minutes....DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA HOW LONG
NOT 10 minutes that's for sure.

after going over it again in a second coat I found some old handles that I had gotten
at a garage sale this past weekend. I got a hodge podge in a ziplock bag for 2 bucks.
I found some that worked and spray painted them in the same color coral as the flowers.

I can't even believe this is the same piece of furniture.
Krink Markers Hand painted artwork dogwood dresser makeover orange and blue compimentary colors diy before and after recycled

It makes me so HAPPY just to look at it!

I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day!!
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