Friday, June 9, 2017

How I built a Vintage Rustic Farmhouse table for FREE!

vintage rustic build it yourself farmhouse fixer upper kitchen table for free from old bed and scrap lumber
Welcome back my Beauties!
I am trying to play catch up with all my posts that I did over the last summer while
I was helping take care of my mom before she passed.
One of those posts is my sons room makeover which I still haven't gotten to.
In that room was his old loft bed.
Knowing me and how I don't like to throw things away I decided to use what ever left over 
wood we could from his bed to make some stuff.

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 But I had some extra old picnic table boards laying on my side yard that kind of matched the Farmhouse table I built for our kitchen.

Only THIS time instead of spending $100, I spent $0.
That is my kind of deal!

First off...just like the other builds, I used all boards from the old bed to make my apron frame and my supports.
(you can even see one of the curved boards from the foot board in there)
I don't like to WASTE anything :)
Just like the other tables I made sure it was square and from underneath I screwed my table top boards to the frame from the supports.
I added my legs in the corner which were left over from another build and got to making her pretty.  
Remember you can see the original build plan with more detail HERE.

rockwell random orbital sander diy build it yourself farmhouse kitchen table from upcycled recycled lumber and old bed
Now it was time for my FAVORITE part;
making her PRETTY!
I grabbed my Rockwell sander and started taking down the old worn out picnic table type finish.

I have been dying to try Deco Arts Americana Self Sealing stain and I have to tell you, it's
table top farmhouse stained in deco art americana color stain in charcoal furniture refinishing rescued lumber makeove
I have used a lot of 2 in one products but none that worked into the finish like this! 
After only one coat it had an almost hand rubbed finish. 
I am thinking of stripping down my own farmhouse table and doing this to it, I loved it so much!
Plus since it was self sealing I didn't have to worry about a protective top coat.
While that was drying I painted the apron skirt and legs in Americana Decor Everlasting
build a farmhouse table for free with scrap lumber diy build stain sanding

I just loved how it turned out and was happy that I was able to make another 
farmhouse style table from free lumber.
(I know my husband hates my COLLECTION of wood, but he didn't seem to mind when I brought it to the booth and sold it)
My "collection" paid off!

I would love to see if you build your own table.
I get emails quite a bit from people showing off the tables they built themselves 
and it always brings a smile to my face.
vintage rustic farmhouse table from old loft bed build it yourself diy karin chudy recycled upcycled lumber fixer upper

Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!


Susie said...

Love upcycling! Great job!