Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trash to treasure / Roadside rescue / Dumpster diving / Coffee Table part 2

I don't know why blogger made me do this in two parts, but it I'm sorry. You can see part one here...So once I had my design, I started painting.

and painting.....and then when it was dry, I distressed some more....This baby could handle it...think about everything she had been through....:)

and now look at her. All of her distress made her what she is today. You can not mass produce that kind of feel to a table. I love to look and see the old screw holes and gouges in her (since this came originally from a school, I imagine all of the kids that had sat at this table)

Now she gets a new lease on life and not one buried in the landfill somewhere. It makes me want to go out on the hunt again and find a new treasure to redo. She was a ton of work but she was so worth it. :)

and now....we get to sit and relax...and just enjoy our COFFEE.... :) I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

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