Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ballard designs inspired table

I got this great table at; you guessed it.....GOODWILL. Now it has been sitting in my shed for a few months while I waited for inspiration to hit. I loved the legs on it but I didn't know what I wanted to do to the top.

So I started sanding.................

and priming...........

and while I was painting, I had to wait for my air compressor to charge...(its very old and has a small hole so it needs to recharge after a little bit) I walked to my mailbox and the newest Ballards catalog was in it...I opened it and saw a great little armoire, that had legs like mine....whooo hoo...LUCKY DOG!!! You can see the Ballard cabinet HERE. Then I saw this great French canvas thing HERE.  I knew right away what I wanted to do...So I got to finishing painting...

Here she is all painted and waiting......

Then I took my freezer paper and printed off the wonderful Paris address graphic from none other than Karen over at THE GRAPHICS FAIRY (Do you guys have any idea how much I love that site...:))

I would show you better pics, but I only have two hands and I cant lay the paper down and burnish it while taking a picture....:)  I have a hard enough time not smudging..:)
I had to do each line of the address on a separate sheet. Then I found this great Fleur de lis and added that as a little UMPH to the bottom..

distressed her a bit and sprayed her with lacquer when she was dry....OOOH LA LA, I am in love!!!!!!!
I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!

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