Thursday, December 31, 2015

Champagne Crate inspired Coffee table

In honor of NEW YEARS..I am resharing my CHAMPAGNE crate Coffee table
One of my first posts I did way back when I first started Blogging.
I fell in love with it then and had to keep it.
I STILL have it and LOVE IT!
I haven't tired of it yet!

I still have this table and my feet are presently propped up on it while typing..:)

Good Morning my Beauties. I am just so psyched to tell you about this project. I don't know if you remember back this summer while I was camping with my Family up in Pentwater Michigan, my husband and I got a chance to go dumpster diving.  Above in the picture are just some of the things we got in the diving expedition.  :)  One of those items was this table. As you can see from the picture it was missing one of the edge pieces and it was very very wobbly and the top boards were popping up. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! I mean, WHO would throw this away??????  :O
When we got home my husband found a scrap piece of wood and attached it and then used my wood burning tool to etch in some lines.  (I would have done it, I just think he was hoping if  he did this right away I would finish it right away)  YEAH RIGHT!!!

SOOOO it sat like this in the shed for almost 4 months waiting for inspiration!!

Well it never came until I pulled out a bunch of other furniture and decided to just paint a bunch at the same time.  Just like when I do a painting, sometimes the inspiration comes while you are working on it and SHAZAM!!  that's what happened with this one.

I decided I would only paint the legs and side of the table. I would let some of the spray get on the top but not too much.

When it was dry I sanded off a bunch of spots on the top and in the middle. It was at this point I decided that I wanted it to look like an old crate of some kind....BUT WHAT???  I had planned on going to the graphics fairy for an old label or something, but then I remembered taking a picture of an old wine crate a while back.

So I enlarged it and put it on the table...then to add more graphic I just used my word processor and made up Chateau grand vin....(I don't even know what it means...I think it means country house of grand wine....who cares....I loved how it looked)

This is where I used my carbon paper to transfer the image...(no freezer paper transfer for this...tooo big...:(  )

Then I got to painting in. When it was dry I sanded it down again to look worn. Then I went over with some wood stain. I only did it in certain spots though. I didn't want it to look uniform. I wanted it to look worn and old.

I am IN LOVE with how it turned out. It had started out as a project to sell in my booth at CHANGING THYMES and ended up as part of my family.

My husband (who I adore at his love for all my stuff..even if it isn't the greatest) came home from work and said.."YOU CAN'T SELL THIS" "IT'S TOO COOL"

My heart melted at that. So welcome to the family champagne table....I hope you like it here. Because you fit in with this family. A little bit worn and wobbly, but beautiful to those who love you.  Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend. We have bon-fires and kids stuff planned for the weekend so I might actually get a break.  :)             

Until Next time,
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL!

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