Monday, November 28, 2011

Roadside rescue free door, made shaby chic French Door shelf

I had to clean out the garage.....................AGAIN!!! (I don't know when my hubby will realize that when he makes me clean the garage it makes me think there is more room for me to fill)

Remember this...The free door I got when I saved that table and dresser a couple of weeks ago. Well I painted "French Market" on it to go along with that old Shabby Chic feel of the door.

I then had an old shelf that was missing the little hangy bracket thingies (yes those are the Latin words for it...:)) So I screwed them in to the little wooden brackets between the pains of glass.

The old door even had a nail in the top that was perfect for hanging a wreath. Now I know the colors don't really match up, but I had to quick throw something together before the hubby realized instead of cleaning out the garage I had started another project...:) So I grabbed what I had within reaching distance. I love how rustic and chic it turned out. Just goes to show you...You should never throw out a good door. Someone can do something with it.

I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day.
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