Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stumble Upon????

O.K., so being a newbie...I am always looking for easy ways to get more traffic to the ole blog, with out buying  views...(who has the money for that) and spending every day all day doing Link parties ( I wouldn't have time to paint anything)
One of the new sites I heard about is Stumble Upon. It gives readers (think addictions like Pinterest and Craftgawker) more things to distract them from laundry or cleaning the house...:)
To get people to STUMBLE you need to add a STUMBLE button to your page.....GULP.......CRAP!!!,  that means more HTML code.....That right there gives me nightmares. Well guess what?  They give you the information right there on there page. Hit this Button... and it will take you to the page to copy the code and add to your blog.
They even tell you the secret "CONTROL F" code to find the HTML you were looking for. No more searching and reading through all that code to find one little line.  I hit Control F on my Edit Template page ....copy and pasted the code and hit highlight all and scrolled until I found it!!! BINGO....added the code and now the button is on EVERY POST!!! GENIUS!!!
I hope this helped you as much as it helped me.....MERRY CHRISTMAS....this is all your getting so deal with it.....LOL!!!
I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day and Stumble upon many other good things.
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