Monday, December 5, 2011

"graphics fairy" Vintage style suitcase

So excited about this quick little project....:)

While I was at Goodwill last week; before I got that amazing old Trunk, I found this old suitcase. Plain Jane.....BORING!!

So I hopped on over to the Graphics Fairy

and got some other Free printable's off of Pinterest from Uppercase

I used my method of tinting my Modge Podge and just modge podged those suckers on there. Now it gives it that world traveled feel. I even scrubbed around the edges of the stamps to give them that worn feeling. I had fun with this, and it felt good to get back to some good ole fashioned projects after the last couple hectic weeks. I hope you all had a BEAUTIFUL weekend and are on your way to having a BEAUTIFUL week.


Laura said...

Love this! I'm always looking at the suitcases at GW and trying to think of ways I could use them. Now I know! You'll have to share how you tint your mod podge! :) ~ Our Prairie Home

Mackenzie said...

I love old suitcases! Thanks for sharing! Found you at tip junkies link party.
-Mackenzie @

WhyCuzICan said...

As always, great design work, Karin!

Visiting via blog parties,
Suzanne in NW IL